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  •  @gregkettner  Most welcome and thanks for listening!1 week ago
  • RT  @142Throckmorton : Throckmorton StoryNights sources high-caliber performers from the worlds of standup, slam poetry & acting to tell pers…2 weeks ago
  • Lots of laughs for a great cause tomorrow night as Comedy For A Spinal Cause comes to Berkeley  @MonkeyHouse1638 . Al… weeks ago
  • This Friday will be a fun one if you happen to be about Mill Valley, CA. weeks ago
  • Some tips to help you crush your next panel and avoid boring the pants off innocent people: How To Nail Panels - Th… weeks ago
  •  @punchlinecopy   @IrishTimesBooks  Thanks Lianna. Much appreciated.1 month ago
  • Nearly 1 million views for this slideshare is bonkers & about 935,068 more than I expected when I made it!… month ago
  • Hide your notes, channel your favourite comedian and never end with a Q&A - Some advice for upping your public spea… month ago
  • Wee piece I did for the  @IrishTimes  with lots of tips on #publicspeaking & the ideas that comedians are the masters… month ago
  • Very cool breakdown of the structure of Ali Wong's stand-up comedy special and the overall story arc:… month ago
  •  @damiantgordon  Thanks for reading! These are not rules but tips. Different speakers do have their strengths but pub… month ago
  •  @JaniceTomich   @IrishTimesBooks  Thanks Janice! Much appreciated!1 month ago