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  • Wee piece I did for the  @IrishTimes  with lots of tips on #publicspeaking & the ideas that comedians are the masters… hours ago
  • Very cool breakdown of the structure of Ali Wong's stand-up comedy special and the overall story arc:… days ago
  •  @damiantgordon  Thanks for reading! These are not rules but tips. Different speakers do have their strengths but pub… days ago
  •  @JaniceTomich   @IrishTimesBooks  Thanks Janice! Much appreciated!6 days ago
  • RT  @CormacKinsella : How to nail public speaking: The Chris Rock approach Great article by  @FunnyBizzSF 7 days ago
  •  @spiceloft   @spinzspun  Thanks Sean! Much appreciated3 weeks ago
  • If you're an author and have to give book talks here are some great tips to help you rock your next one:… weeks ago
  • It's tiring being an immigrant in America. You arrive here full of energy and enthusiasm, only to be beaten down da… weeks ago
  • RT  @142Throckmorton : Join us tonight for an inspiring live storytelling event at 7:30pm! Read more about the storytellers here: https://t.c…4 weeks ago
  • Looking forward to being involved in  @smldublin  come jump suit at the ready. #SOCIALMEDIALIVE weeks ago
  • RT  @Jim_Roddy : Congrats to David Nihill for making this list — well deserved! ⁦ @FunnyBizzSF ⁩ weeks ago
  •  @Jim_Roddy  Cheers Jim!4 weeks ago