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  •  @torrenegra   @Canal_Sony  Great to see you on threre sir! I'm brushing up on my spanish to present my master plan to… hours ago
  • Will be at Cobbs this Thursday with the hilarious  @realmoamer  supporting the  @SFWish  (Make-A- Wish Foundation). Not… weeks ago
  • The #1 sign your #publicspeaking training provider is wasting your time: They're highly specialised & also offer p… weeks ago
  •  @goldenone  Cheers for the lovely mention 🙂2 weeks ago
  • "The best book of public speaking techniques on the market." Big thanks to  @BooksIncEvents  for the great review for… weeks ago
  •  @chethaase  If you just drew a picture it might still surpass the literary capacity of mine 🙂4 weeks ago
  • Nearly two years after being published #doyoutalkfunny is back topping the Amazon charts in such exciting categorie… weeks ago
  • Nice to have this wee mention in Inc today. I try and get a farm animal reference into every interview 🙂 weeks ago
  •  @CatsAndVR   @GA  Thanks a million for coming along and all the kind words!4 weeks ago
  • RT  @CatsAndVR : I really got something from  @FunnyBizzSF  #class  @GA  #Relaxed yet #Awesome & it had #CATS Check out his #Book if you are into…4 weeks ago
  • RT  @bymelisabeth : Always fun  @FunnyBizzSF . Thanks for a fun evening! weeks ago
  •  @kneafsey_maeve   @CloudKPI  Thanks a million! weeks ago