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  • Stanford added a course on humor to their MBA program & today by some stroke of lunacy I got to teach on it.… hours ago
  • Stoked to speak at #TractionConf on June 1 alongside leaders from some of the fastest growing companies. Get $100OFF hours ago
  • "Like great poetry great standup comedy is language distilled to its most potent form": How Louis CK Tells A Joke days ago
  • 50 days to FunnyBizz #Conference. Where marketers & creatives get their funny on #contentmarketing #bayarea Do come… days ago
  • Great time running a workshop @ Paris last week. Here enjoying a frosty beverage (or 2!) atop Facebook HQ.… week ago
  •  @k_mill  Hope it treated you well! 🙂1 week ago
  •  @AdeTheux  Thanks! Glad you are liking it and many thanks for the kind words!1 week ago
  •  @PierrePaulC  Most welcome Pierre! Thanks for coming along! 🙂2 weeks ago
  •  @cgiorgi  Thanks Cédric! Kind words much appreciated!2 weeks ago
  •  @arnauddaphy  Huge thanks for coming along and listening to my lunacy! Much appreciated 🙂2 weeks ago
  • Due mainly to your religion inspired happy head hanging around the doorway 😉  @DavidSpinks weeks ago
  •  @buck_ers  I even killed the image quality on this photo it seems ;). Thanks for coming along and all the kind words!2 weeks ago