How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to FunnyBizz Conference– And Why They Should Come Too!

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You’re excited about FunnyBizz Conference this year (nice one…you should be). You’ve heard about all the fun connections you will make, the all-star speakers, and you’ve got a list of humorous content creation questions about a mile long.

There’s just one issue: you’re not sure how to make the case to your boss who you worry won’t pay for this if it looks like you’re having too much fun.

Worry not! We’ve got your back.

Your boss probably says stuff like “synergize our value-adds” a lot, right? Which makes you nod your head…and go look at pictures of cats or tacos on the internet. You’re not the only one. We’re here to show you how cats, tacos, cats eating tacos and other forms of humor actually help your business capture people’s attention, build consumer loyalty and even “synergize your value-adds.”

This is a global event, held in San Francisco. It is an opportunity to travel to America and experience a large conference that looks to enhance business by incorporating humor into it. For those coming from another country, you might even be able to use your international credit score in America, so you don’t even have to worry about finding other ways to fund your trip. With a credit score, you’ll be able to apply for a credit card, improving your conference experience. You never know what you might want to purchase at a conference, so having some extra money can be helpful, just in case. You just need to get to the conference now. There are some excellent exhibitors at the event who display such great products and services which could improve your day to day business operations and make numerous business functions run more smoothly. If you were to introduce those to your boss, you may just make their day or week! However you phrase it and whatever buzzwords you use to escape the office for the day, here are some ways you can support your winning case to join us at FunnyBizz:

Point Out Rave Reviews:

“I learned more at FunnyBizz about marketing than I’ve learned at a dozen ‘normal’ conferences. Whether it be SEO marketing like Victorious and other leaders in the industry provide ( for more examples) or other forms like content marketing, social media marketing, and so on, you can learn more at a convention like this than you can in other ways. Smart marketers know the value of making people laugh and FunnyBizz gave me real-world examples of how to incorporate humor without looking stupid.” David B. Thomas, Senior Director, Content and Engagement, Salesforce

“Original and super interesting idea of a conference: how to use humor in business to boost sales and have fun while you build a brand and a business. Great stuff.” Loic Le Meur, Serial Entrepreneur and Co- Founder of the Le Web Conference

“A very satisfying mix of entertaining and informative. That’s good content! Also enjoyed community vibe. Did not feel like a “normal” conference atmosphere. I left inspired to share my experience with coworkers.” Jamey Austin, Content Marketing Manager at Atlassian

“I have never seen the audience SO ENGAGED and speakers (who are experts) SO FUNNY.” Vasil Azarov, CEO Startup Socials

“Most conferences are like swimming in a nice comfy bowl of familiar oatmeal. This one was more like putting on a cape and diving off a building. FunnyBizz delivered more than take-aways and actionable ideas. FunnyBizz delivered a mode-changing experience right into my brain. If you can only go to one conference a year, it should be this one.” Suzanna Stinnettt, Founder, Bay Area Bloggers Society

Talk About Who Has Attended In The Past

In addition to all the amazing speakers you will learn from, FunnyBizz Conferences value lies in the connections you’ll make with other awesome professionals.

In the past, we’ve had attendees from:

Atlassian, Optimizely, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Lyft, Dice, Marketo, Nasdaq, Salesforce, Contently, Zendesk, Google, Facebook, Esurance, Glassdoor, Intuit, Upworthy, GoPro, Twitter, Prezi, Betabrand, Toptal, and lots more!

Give Me Job Titles Your Boss May Say

We tend to have a mix of Content Marketers, Content Strategy Directors, Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors, CMO’s, Marketing Directors, Content Producers, Social Media Marketers, Advertising Professionals, Copywriters, Brand Managers, Sales Professionals, CEO’s, Founders, and Female UFC Fighters. The last one may be mildly fictional but you get the idea. Overall we have a very fun mix of professionals looking to create and market more engaging content.

The Media Are Excited About It And Say I Should Be There

Huffington Post: 5 Reasons Every Content Marketer Should Attend the FunnyBizz Conference

Forbes: The FunnyBizz Conference Teaches Silicon Valley To Stop Taking Itself So Seriously

Fast Company: Can This Conference Teach Brands How To Be Funny?

Huffington Post: FunnyBizz Conference Brings Serious Fun to the World of Business

LinkedIn Marketing: These 5 Takeaways from FunnyBizz Are No Laughing Matter

Entrepreneur: Content Is Boring, So FunnyBizz Was Born

Normally We Pay Much More For Employees To Attend Conferences. This Looks Like A Crazy-Good Deal. What’s The Catch?

No catch. Seriously. The purpose of FunnyBizz is to build a strong community and bring a dose of humor to a business world that sorely needs it. That’s why we make FunnyBizz as affordable as humanly possible. (Plus, if we charged $900/ticket, every joke would land like, “I paid $900 for this?”) You are, however, encouraged to give us more money if it makes you feel better.

Borrow Wisdom From Others In Your Company

Your boss might not get why you need to go to a conference, especially if she doesn’t go to many herself. But you might not be alone! Find some time to chat with co-workers in other departments. How often do they go to conferences? How do they justify them? This gives you great insight to bring back to your boss.

Bring Your Boss!

It’s one thing for you to tell your boss that humor and engagement is important, that there’s a whole industry around it, and that you should go to this conference. But better than telling your boss? Showing them what FunnyBizz is all about.

Bring your boss, so they can hear from our expect speakers. Your boss will come away with new appreciation for your role, for the use of humor within it, and it might even lighten them up a bit (and they will probably send you back next year!).

We do offer group rates for a group affair. Bring your team and your boss and make it a team-building activity you’ll never forget! Leading companies like LinkedIn have sent their whole content team the last two years running and you can read about their experience here. Email for more information

Need An E-mail To Send? Grab This And Personalize Away!

Dear Boss,

There’s a conference being organized specifically for creating more engaging content called FunnyBizz Conference. It’s on (insert date and place here).

It’s an extremely high quality event that a lot of my peers will be attending. It’s the 5th time the organisers have run the event and it has received extensive write-ups in the likes of Fast Company, Forbes and The Huffington Post.

There are a few clear value points that make a ticket for this conference a smart investment for our company:

– I’ll pick up clear tactics to apply directly to our content strategy that will help us improve X metrics and plan for the future.
– I’ll be learning from people who have created great content and I’ll get to network with some great people (in the past, people from Salesforce, Google, Marketo, Facebook, Atlassian, Upworthy, Go Pro and more have attended). Personally, I’m hoping to ask [speaker name] about [topic] during the Q&A.
– It will improve my ability to communicate with the rest of our team around our content strategy.
– You’re investing in me and this is an extremely important event for my professional growth. I (read you) have been boring potential clients for way too long. Just kidding on the you part. You are amazing. 🙂
– I’ll have a much larger network of peers to support and receive support as we face content challenges in the future.
– The good news is tickets are very affordable, currently at $289 for a full day of talks or workshops or $449 for both days (though prices will increase a bit soon). If you’re interested in attending as well, I believe it will give you additional clarity around the work I do and the role that humor can play in our business. It will also help us work together to elevate the level of discourse we’re able to have internally about the value of humor in increasing engagement rates. We could also get funnier together. Not that you’re not funny already, because of course you are…anyway…

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you. The FunnyBizz Conference Team is available to answer questions directly as well at


Your ambitious content guru. Working hard to make sure folks engage with the content we work so hard to create.

What’s This All About, Anyway?

It’s simple – business works better with a level of entertainment. People open emails with funny subject lines at a 5x higher rate than ones with subject lines like “Global High Level Leadership for the Digital Enterprise.” You want people to engage with the content you spend the time and effort to put out into the world, right? We can help you do that. Very few bosses will be worried that you’re trying to help up engagement rates. While humor all to often is a nice to have, engagement is a need to have. Finding proactive ways to work on this is a great way to show you’re serious about your career and get it on your boss’s radar. Content engagement rates are a problem for all businesses.

FunnyBizz is the only conference of its kind, bringing leading thinkers from the seemingly disparate worlds of comedy and business together to help the world stop synergizing its valueadds and learn to find its funny. Modern businesses succeed or fail based on their ability to connect with consumers through content, social media, and viral marketing. FunnyBizz is a conference dedicated to teaching those businesses the essential principles of comedy, improv and storytelling. The goal? To use humor to make an impact, add value and connect with customers on a level that not only inspires loyalty, but causes coffee to shoot out their noses.

Do business and humor really work together? Yes they do. Just like Steven Seagal and a strong male ponytail.

For more information please visit:

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