Inbox Happiness: 12 Proven GIFs You Can Use Now!

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When quizzed by Wired magazine about their new live streaming service Youtube, rather than consult their expertly trained and supremely versed internal media response team, masters in politically correct, mildly revealing, minimalised statements that often ultimately clarify well….extremely little…YouTube officially responded with this:


And they are not alone. Big companies are using GIFs in their external communications. Instead of saying “just following up”, “sorry about that”, or “I’ve been swamped” express yourself with a GIF. For every time a meeting gets cancelled the last minute, every time you can’t get a response to a beautifully crafted email, every time someone says regards instead of kind regards, we’ve got you covered.Here are 20 tried and tested favorites that you can send straight away to deliver some inbox happiness.It takes less than 15 seconds with Giphy’s nifty Google Chrome extension.Instructions: Right click and save to your desktop.


Happy GIFs

"I'm very excited you signed up!" 
"I'm thrilled you're a new customer!"


Apology GIFs

“I slipped on getting back to you."
"Next time, you can count on better support."
“I dropped the ball on this one.” 
“I've been swamped."
"I forgot to press send. Doh!" 
"We got the rug pulled from underneath us." 


Funny Follow-up

"Just checking in." (Don't write anything, just send the GIF.)
"Just following up."
"Just checking in to follow-up...again..."
"Are you still alive?"
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 Instructions: Right click, save to your desktop, embed in e-mail and spread the happiness.
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