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  •  @ArtsandClouds   @ryanfoland  That he definitely has and on the book, terrible purchase but one I’m thankful for you deciding to make 😉2 days ago
  •  @ArtsandClouds   @ryanfoland  Thanks Peter for the kind words 👍🙌2 days ago
  • RT  @ryanfoland : "Rubbish content delivered beautifully is still rubbish." -  @FunnyBizzSF  at #CMC2019 days ago
  • RT  @ryanfoland : "When public speaking or giving a talk, and you want to tell a story in it, don't introduce that you are going to share a s…2 days ago
  •  @ryanfoland  Thanks Ryan! Greatly appreciated 🙌2 days ago
  • RT  @CMCa2z :  @FunnyBizzSF ' s book was just listed the #1 in the world for #public speaking and #storytelling by Bookauthority and we have fr…3 days ago
  • RT  @WordNerd303 : Hey, guys! If you're at #CMC2019, don't miss out on an opportunity to grab your free signed copy of  @FunnyBizzSF 's book! (…3 days ago
  • Very cool to be listed #1 by Book Authority on the best #publicspeaking books of all time. Almost justifies writing… week ago
  •  @JesseLahey  Thanks! 🙌1 week ago
  • Many thanks to the good folks at Book Authority for listing my wee book #doyoutalkfunny first on their list of the… weeks ago
  • RT  @odriscor : Huge thanks to the fantastic David Nihill  @FunnyBizzSF  & #TeamIreland colleague Marguerite Leddin for a wonderfully entertain…2 weeks ago
  • RT  @IrelandinSF : Insight & comedy! That’s what the lucky attendees of the #IrelandinSF Speaker Series & Networking Breakfast got with our g…2 weeks ago