Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking & Get Some Laughs Along The Way

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David is shaking.

His symptoms are textbook.

Dry mouth, profuse sweating and nervous mumbling of curse words.

David self-medicates by drinking a beer. It doesn’t work. He swears, sweats and shakes even more. What’s wrong with him?

He suffers from glossophobia, which is more commonly known as fear of public speaking.

In June 2012, his friend Arash suffers a severe spinal cord injury and both of their lives change forever.

David volunteers to co-ordinate a comedy fundraiser to lighten the mood and raise much needed funds to help Arash. There’s one small problem. David’s friends expect him to take the stage and introduce speakers during the comedy night. When David politely declines, his friends insist he do it.

They have no idea how petrified he is.

The pressure is on and David is forced to make a choice.

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