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“FunnyBizz not only transformed the way we approach constructing presentations, but also gave a wide variety of practitioners the confidence to be able to own their stage presence. From engineers to our sales personnel, FunnyBizz effectively taught us how to own our own brand of funny and integrate humor into something truly informative and impactful.”

– Jenn Richards

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Modern Day Speakers Are Expected To Be Entertainers

Comedians’ content and delivery are honed through years of practice as they master their craft. In doing so, they are among the few public speakers that clock up the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell says make a master. Yet few of these masters are asked to share their knowledge with a business community who needs it. We bridge that gap and in doing so will leave you with more actionable tips and takeaways than any other form of public speaking training.

At FunnyBizz we work with business savvy active comedians to make public speaking, a topic that is often painfully boring, anything but!



  • "David's class is a big hit with students and always ranks on the very high end of our evaluations. It's a hands-on educational experience that is equally fun as it is practical."

    Anya Vo Education Programs Producer, General Assembly
  • "This was super! So much actionable content! Far from just "humor is good for your presentation"."

    Aurora Berg
  • “David is able to break down step-by-step, in a very human way, how to build engaging presentations that excite your audience. Classes are engaging, entertaining, and all his students walk away happy and with new ways to deliver great content.”

    Celena AponteProgram Designer, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
  • “David Nihill’s two-hour workshop on How to Be a Funny Speaker was superb. I have been delivering keynote speeches and workshops on leadership, strategy and innovation for 30 years and use a lot of humor to enhance my message. I expected to learn from David one or two new tips and insights on humor. I learned twenty! I strongly recommend David’s workshop for speakers, executives, and even politicians.”

    Jim BandrowskiPresident, Rock Your Industry
  • "Very enjoyable and extremely helpful! David does a great job of drawing from his mastery of the principles of comedy to help the rest of us grab and keep people's attention so we can communicate more effectively.”

    Kevin Cunningham
  • “The How To Become A Better & Funnier Public Speaker workshop totally surpassed my expectations. I’m obsessed with personal and professional development, so I attend courses, lectures, etc. all the time. This was by far one of the better investments of my time and money. David is well prepared, the content is new and adds value that you can implement immediately, and cherry on top is how friendly and funny David is with everyone in the class. I highly recommend it!”

    Luz Gonzalez
  • “The good folks at FunnyBizz showed us how to 10x our presentations by making them entertaining & funny in one session. It was incredible. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to be able to own the room.”

    Matt Ellsworth

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