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"If conferences were like this I would have one scheduled every week."
FunnyBizz Conference
Where Business Meets Humor to Abolish Boring Content


FunnyBizz is the only conference of its kind, bringing leading thinkers from the seemingly disparate worlds of comedy and business together to help the world stop synergizing its value-adds and learn to find its funny.

Modern businesses succeed or fail based on their ability to connect with consumers through content, social media, and viral marketing. FunnyBizz is a conference dedicated to teaching those businesses the essential principles of comedy, improv and storytelling. The goal? To use humor to make an impact, add value and connect with customers on a level that not only inspires loyalty, but causes coffee to shoot out their noses.

Why Use Humor? Today’s generation has been socialized to receive info via humor. They want infotainment, not information. They expect data to be delivered with a punchline. Whenever anyone steps on stage they become an entertainer; when they blog they’re a writer and when they market they better be shareable. One of the best ways to stand out from the noise across these mediums is to be funny.


  • “ The conference was awesome! Great line-up of speakers made us laugh and got us thinking. I came away with several ideas I can put to use immediately, including a new tag line”.  

    Adrienne DalePivotal Consulting
  • "FunnyBizz is the best conference I've attended. It's a superb bonus that you actually learn a lot of valuable insights from marketing experts. I didn't look at my phone once!"

    Aurora BergCo-Founder BeMegacool
  • “Great, fun day! A really balanced mix of look-who's-doing-it-you-can-do-it-too-here's-how speakers and ideas. I've already messaged my team about all of us attending next year”.

    Beth CharginSenior Information Designer at Intuit
  • “Spend a great day with some of the most insightful and entertaining speakers you have ever encountered musing on how the complexities of business can be rendered more simple by making people smile.”

    Bruce DundoreCreative Director
  • “Another year, another wonderful experience at FunnyBizz. Great organization and top notch speakers. The flow was perfect, never a chance to get bored, but also never felt rushed during networking opportunities."

    Chris JenningsContent Producer, Creative Live
  • "I learned more at FunnyBizz about content marketing than I've learned at a dozen 'normal' conferences. Smart marketers know the value of making people laugh and FunnyBizz gave me real-world examples of how to incorporate humor without looking stupid."

    David B. ThomasSenior Director, Content and Engagement, Salesforce
  • "FunnyBizz changed my perspective on PR is a profoundly positive way."

    Deno DeMartino Copywriter
  • "Attending the FunnyBizz Conference was one of the smartest moves I've made since starting my own business. At the end of a very intensive yet entertaining day I walked away with a notebook full of insights, tips and techniques on how to integrate humor into business and consumer communications. Plus, I stole a couple of great jokes that I will shamelessly recycle."

    Gary DukeBrand Marketer
  • “I really enjoyed the conference and it made me think outside the box. Not only did I laugh a lot (of course) but I learned so much about storytelling and presentation skills which is hugely important when you're vying for attention in a busy place like Silicon Valley. I would highly recommend this conference.”

    Grainne Barron Founder and CEO, Viddyad
  • "When I first attended FunnyBizz, it was like going out on a blind date with someone I met on match.com. I was surprised to learn my date was not only a rock star but then also smart and funny as hell! I'm hooked, FunnyBizz and I are married for life. Definitely one of the coolest, most innovative business conferences out there today!"

    Mauricio VergaraDirector Business Development, Corpacademy
  • "Most conferences are like swimming in a nice comfy bowl of familiar oatmeal. This one was more like putting on a cape and diving off a building. FunnyBizz delivered more than take-aways and actionable ideas. FunnyBizz delivered a mode-changing experience right into my brain. If you can only go to one conference a year, it should be this one."

    Suzanna StinnettFounder, Bay Area Bloggers Society
  • “Perfect pace and tempo, proper # of speakers, hilarious ending, learned a lot and it does appeal to a broad audience from Marketers/Content writers to Founders and leaders that are Sales orientated. Humorous throughout, picked up some great content and tips, WILL highly promote this event.”

    Ian CaseyFounder CV Partners
  • “A very satisfying mix of entertaining and informative. That's good content! Also enjoyed community vibe. Did not feel like a "normal" conference atmosphere. I left inspired to share my experience with coworkers.”

    Jamey Austin‎Content Marketing Manager at Atlassian
  • "I thought this was a great idea for a conference with a relevant, but real point of difference - and it lived up to my expectations. Thought provoking, inspiring, enjoyable, informative, fast paced, interactive - yes, and funny!"

    Janet StandenDirector of Consumer Insights, Instant Insights Lab
  • "My biggest concern walking into the venue was that I would be highly entertained at the expense of actually learning anything. Boy was I wrong! The variety of speakers struck just the right balance, and I took lots of notes on strategies and ideas that I want to try when I get back to work! FunnyBizz could teach other conferences how it's done!"

    Jennie TanFounder, OfficeTally.com
  • "This was a home-run type of a conference. If conferences were like this I would have one scheduled every week."

    Jere CarrollDirector Business Development
  • "I attended FunnyBizz conference for the first time in 2016 and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. Not only were the speakers entertaining and informative, but I met some really interesting people and had fantastic conversations."

    Jessica Williams
  • "A place where humor and tech mix together in a mutually beneficial bath."

    Joahua WaltersPerformer, Educator, TED speaker, Snap Judgement
  • "FunnyBizz is a first-rate event that surpassed my expectations! The caliber of speakers with demonstrated success is second-to-none. Would definitely attend again."

    Joel CommNew York Times Best-selling author
  • "I had no idea - the use of humor is at the leading edge of much more than entertainment: it requires genius, subtlety, and a heaping dose of love. It is not for misanthropes or anti-intellectuals. The presenters were all people I want as friends - bff's. The extent of the content blew me away, I expected less - more fluff, less depth. I got depth and learned about the most interesting marketing and communications efforts of 2014 & beyond."

    Karen HellerColumnist
  • "Super FUN, Very RELEVANT, LEARNED much, and came away with a lot of inspiration and action items. FunnyBizz is well put together and it is something I would not only come back to, but bring my whole team to experience."

    Karen Olivia
  • “The most entertaining TED-like talk series I have ever attended!”

    Kristen Powers
  • “Original and super interesting idea of a conference: how to use humor in business to boost sales and have fun while you build a brand and a business. Great stuff.”

    Loic Le MeurSerial Entrepreneur and Co- Founder of Le Web Conference


    Past Speakers

    • Scott Dikkers
      Scott DikkersFounder of The Onion
      • Sarah Cooper
        Sarah Cooper Writer, Comedian and Creator of TheCooperReview.com
      • Bob Mankoff
        Bob MankoffCartoon Editor of The New Yorker
      • Tom Fishburne
        Tom FishburneFounder of Marketoonist
      • AJ Jacobs
        AJ JacobsAuthor, Journalist, Lecturer, Spectacular Content Creator
      • Bryan Kramer
        Bryan KramerBestselling Author, TED speaker, CEO - ‎PureMatter
      • Chelsey Delaney
        Chelsey DelaneySenior User Experience Consultant , Catalyst Group
      • Chris Lindland
        Chris LindlandFounder & CEO of Betabrand
      • Emily Castor
        Emily CastorDirector of Community Relations at Lyft
      • Venetia Pristavec
        Venetia PristavecStrategist; Storyteller; Former Creative Lead Airbnb
      • Kat Koppett
        Kat KoppettFounder Koppett + Company, Author, TEDx speaker, Consultant
      • DJ O’Neil
        DJ O’NeilFounder of Hub Strategy & Communication
      • Joel Comm
        Joel CommNew York Times Bestselling author, Futurist, Social Influencer
      • Bill Grundfest
        Bill GrundfestGolden Globe Winner, 3 Time Emmy Nominee, Chief Creative Officer, Founder of NYC's Comedy Cellar
      • Tim Washer
        Tim WasherMarketer, Comedy writer, Webby Honoree. SNL, Conan O'Brien
      • Eddie Geller
        Eddie GellerContent Curator at Upworthy
        JODIE ELLISOptimizely's Head of Experimental Marketing
      • Jason Miller
        Jason MillerLeading Global Content Marketing for LinkedIn
      • Marty Wilson
        Marty WilsonBestselling author of 15 books, former Australian Comic of the Year
        • Peter McGraw
          Peter McGrawUniversity of Colorado Boulder & Author of The Humor Code
        • Annie Sloan
          Annie SloanCreative Director for R GA
          • Rebecca Stockley
            Rebecca StockleyCo-Founder BATS Improv
            • Michael Margolis
              Michael MargolisCEO and Founder Get Storied
            • Daniel Klein
              Daniel KleinLecturer, Stanford GBS, Improviser, Author
              ROBERT LAMBRECHTSHead of Development POD Entertainment, Pereira & O’Dell
              • Andrew Tarvin
                Andrew TarvinHumor Engineer, Author, TEDx Speaker
              • Rich Cox
                Rich CoxFounder People Rocket (formerly improvImpact) instructor London Business School, Lecturer Stanford GSB
              • William Hall
                William HallA founder of BATS Improv and Fratelli Bologna
              • David Nihill
                David NihillFounder of FunnyBizz, Author, Do You Talk Funny
              • Pamela Hawley
                Pamela HawleyFounder and CEO of UniversalGiving
              • Paul Charney
                Paul CharneyFounder Funworks
                • Don McMillan
                  Don McMillanNamed #1 Corporate Comedian by CBS Business NET
                  • Dan Ilic
                    Dan IlicInvestigative Humorist
                  • Tim Lee
                    Tim LeeScientist Turned Comedian, TEDx Speaker
                  • Dhaya Lakshminarayanan
                    Dhaya LakshminarayananReformed VC, Consultant, Hilarious
                  • David Spark
                    David SparkTech Journalist and Founder Spark Media Solutions
                  • Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula
                    Allison Goldberg & Jen JamulaCo-creative directors of Lively Productions
                    • Sammy Wegent
                      Sammy WegentFounder of Speechless
                      • Rachman Blake
                        Rachman BlakeMarketer, Storyteller, Comedian
                      • Kathy Klotz-Guest
                        Kathy Klotz-GuestFounder, Keeping it Human + Marketing Storyteller & Improviser
                      • Jack Smith
                        Jack SmithSerial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
                      • Jonah Sachs
                        Jonah SachsCo-Founder and CEO of Free Range Studios
                      • Michael Baumert
                        Michael BaumertHead of Design for Dice
                      • Kurt Bodden
                        Kurt Bodden SXSW speaker, improviser, self-help guru "Steve Seabrook"


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