Content Is Boring, So FunnyBizz Was Born

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“READ THIS SH*T.” That was the subject line of the first email blast I sent to the AlleyNYC email list more than two years ago. I got some people pissed off, some emails that said I was being unprofessional, etc. More importantly, though, what I really got was a 85 percent open rate. There’s NOTHING unprofessional about that.

People thought it was raw, engaging and funny so they opened it. Good content marketing is essential for anyone trying to deliver a message. Whether they are your prospects, clients or friends, nobody wants boring crap in their lives. This idea seems simple, yet we are filled with useless and boring content. Think of the last email you got. It probably sucked.

It is with this in mind that AlleyNYC has partnered with an amazing company that is having a conference later this week in New York to teach anyone who is interested how to make your content better. It’s mostly for businesses and it’s funny — hence the name, The FunnyBizz Conference.

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